Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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Turkish Radio Stations

Açik Radyo, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 91.5 Mhz
Description: Turkish news, sports, music and cultural programmes
Telephone: (90 392) 228 3981
Akdeniz FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 88.6 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts news, music and discussion programmes in Turkish language
Telephone: (90) 392 223 77 50
BBC World Service
Frequency: AM 1323s
Description: Short wave frequency of BBC World Service can be heard from 02.00 to 23.00 GMT daily in the Eastern Mediterranean region including Israel, much of Lebanon, Cyprus and southern Turkey. Broadcasting in English and Turkish, it provides news and current affairs programme with analysis reflecting major world and regional events.
BRTK - Bayrak Radio Television Corporation,Nicosia
Frequency: Bayrak Radio 1 FM 90.6, Bayrak International 87.8 - 105, Bayrak FM 98.1, Bayrak Classic 93.4 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts news, sports, arts, talks, educational, cultural, entertainment programmes in Turkish (Bayrak Radio I), English and Greek (channel II - International), music is played on channel III (Bayrak FM and Bayrak Classic).
Telephone: (90) 392 225 55 55
Dance FM, Famagusta
Frequency: FM 95.5 Mhz
Description: Turkish broadcasting of international pop, dance and club music
Telephone: (90) 392 225 55 55
Kibris FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 103.4 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts news, talks, sports, music, social events
Telephone: (90) 392 225 3892
Kuzeyin Sesi Radyo Vatan, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 87.5 - 100.4 - 104.3 Mhz
Description: Northern Voice Radio - of civil Defence Organisation broadcasts news, music, discussion programmes in Turkish language
Telephone: (90) 392 228 30 36
Near East FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 88.0 Mhz
Description: Near East University radio student volunteers broadcasting Turkish and English programmes, mainly pop music
Telephone: (90) 392 223 63 06
Radyo Doğu Akdeniz, Famagusta
Frequency: FM 106.5 Mhz
Description: Eastern Mediterranean University radio, broadcasting mainly Turkish music
Telephone: (90) 392 630 15 76
Radyo Güven, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 90.4 - 90.6 - 102 Mhz
Description: Turkish broadcasting of news, sports, educational, children programmes, movie reviews, music programmes and talks
Telephone: (90) 392 228 11 18
Sim FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 100.4 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts news, music, sports, educational programmes
Other Turkish Radio Stations:
Avrasya FM, Radyo T, Kuzey FM, LAÜ FM (Lefke Auropa University Radio), GAÜ FM (Girne American University Radio), Kral FM, Cool FM, AS FM, Güneş FM, First FM, Radyo Plus
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