Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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Cyprus Greek Radio Stations

Astra FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 92.8 and 105.3 Mhz
Description: Greek-language radio with music, news, cultural related programmes. Radio provides also live streaming.
Telephone: + 357 22 368888
BBC World Service
Frequency: AM 1323
Description: Broadcasting in English and Greek, it provides news and current affairs programme to the Greek speaking diaspora, with analysis reflecting major world and regional events.
BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting Service, Akrotiri
Frequency: FM 89.7 (Radio 1), 91.7 (Radio 2)
Description: Broadcasts to British Armed Forces around the world. Radio 1 is a hit radio channel that plays pop and rock, and relays regular news bulletins whereas Radio 2 is a mixture of oldies, extended talk sequences, live comedy shows, news, sport programmes.
Telephone: + 357 25 278518
Choice FM, Limassol
Frequency: FM 104.3 Mhz
Description: Broadcasting of a mixture of dance music hits .
Telephone: + 357 25 820820
CyBC - Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Nicosia
Frequency: Operates FM 97.2 Proto (channel I), 91.1 Deutero (channel II), 94.8 Trito (channel III), 88.2 Love Radio (channel IV)
Description: Channel I and III are aimed at Greek speaking public, channel II broadcasts programmes for Turkish, English and Armenian speaking listeners. Transmitted are news, live evening magazine, entertainment, cultural, music programmes. Channel IV broadcasts purely pop and love song music in English and Greek.
Telephone: + 357 22 862000
Kiss FM, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 89.0 Mhz
Description: English language music station with broadcasting all over the world, plays pop, rock, r&b hits, operates club and parties zone programmes.
Telephone: + 357 22 669999
Mix FM Radio, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 102.3 Mhz
Description: This young people oriented radio station is a mixture of music news, movie reviews and blend of dance, club, house music hits, and also retro music programme.
Telephone: + 357 22 463220
Radio Elios, Larnaca
Frequency: FM 107.6 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts a mixture of Greek music, news, entertainment, magazine and reportage programmes and live shows, in Greek and English.
Telephone: + 357 24 622144
Radio Napa, Agia Napa
Frequency: FM 90.9 and 106.3 Mhz
Description: Private English language station broadcasting BBC news, various music programmes, and also Sunday religious programme.
Telephone: + 357 77 771030
Radio Proto, Nicosia
Frequency: FM 89.30 and 99.3 Mhz
Description: Broadcasts news and music programmes in combination with entertainment shows.
Telephone: + 357 22 580400
Rock FM, Paphos
Frequency: FM 98.5 Mhz
Description: Rock, classic soul & blues music is relayed.
Telephone: + 357 68 822073
Other Greek radio stations:
Radio Athina, Antenna Radio, Radio Logos (Church of Cyprus), Radio Ant 1 FM, Super FM, Radio Ammochostos, Channel 9.86, Intercollege Radio, Sky FM, 91.4 Coast FM, Radio Sawa, Trans World Radio, Radio Top, Radio Freterick, Radio Paphos, Radio Yialoussa and Epilogi, Radio Pyrgos, Radio Cosmos, Fry FM, Kanali 7, Klik FM, Radio Agios Dimitrios, Radio Anastasi, Radio Blue Star, Radio Epistrofi, Radio Diastasi, Radio Radio Iraklis, Radio Kronos, Radio One, Radio Sfera Kyprou, Radio Top FM, Radio Zenith, Radio Kokkinochoria, Radio Capital, Apostolos Andreas, Radio Limassol, Radio Amore, Radio Sport 1, Radio Melody, Radio 99 F, Radio Magic, Radio Larnaca, Radio Camares, Radio Zenon, Radio Zenon, Radio TOA, Radio RIK 1, 2, 3
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