Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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English language newspapers in Cyprus

Cyprus Observer,Kyrenia
Description: Weekly newspaper that monitors latest political news from both sides of Cyprus, Turkey, and rest of the world, it also includes issues from economy, sport, culture, art, TV, with large space for advertising
Telephone: + 90 392 815 93 12
Cyprus Mail,Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos
Description: Daily newspaper dealing with latest political issues both in Cyprus and abroad, including large property advertising focused on South Cyprus. Covers area of sport, economy, science, and issues "Seven" magazine with TV and cinema programme weekly
Telephone: + 357 22 818 58
Cyprus Times, Nicosia
Description: Daily issued newspaper with current political news, and coverage of latest economic, cultural and sport issues
Telephone: + 90 392 229 08 42
Cyprus Today, Nicosia
Description: Issued weekly, this English newspaper monitors political situation locally, in the UK as well as in the world, reports about economic, cultural, sports issues and provides its readers with property theme, and thematic forums, supplied with radio and TV listings and flight schedule
Telephone: + 90 392 225 25 55
Cyprus Weekly, Nicosia, Limassol
Description: Every-Friday issued English newspaper with emphasis on political development, environment, tourism and finance, but also the arts, music, sports and includes a complete TV guide. It is supplied with ads section with apartments and holiday homes for rent, and job opportunities.
Telephone: + 357 22 666 047
Financial Mirror, Nicosia
Description: Business newspaper, published weekly with a Greek-language supplement, a news source in political, economic, financial, and industrial field, issues investment news in Cyprus.
Telephone: + 357 226 786 66
Kyrenia Post, Kyrenia
Description: A free monthly magazine style newspaper covering large property advertising in North Cyprus, supplied with current events in and out of Kyrenia, contest pages, UK expatriates feedback letters and more. It is available at selected outlets.
Telephone: (90) 392 815 13 77, 0533 866 1733
Turkish Daily News, Ankara
Description: English language daily newspaper that provides its readers with a wide range of news coverage of important political (European Union news), economic, social and cultural events. It includes special reports, interviews and analyses of world politics and is a news source for foreigners residing in Turkey and North Cyprus
Telephone: + 90 (312) 468 91 78
Sports in the City, Trusty Publications Ltd
Description: Cyprus online Sports Newspaper
Telephone: + 357 26 930 744
Address: 10, Nikou Nikolaide - Pittakeio Court - Off. 103 - 8010 Paphos Cyprus
Other English newspapers:
The New Anatolian (Turkey's independent daily newspaper), Cyprus Dialogue (English-Turkish-Greek daily newspaper), the Mail, the Weekly Review, the International Herald Tribune, Cyprus Telegraph, the Times, the Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Sun

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