Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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Dining Out


In Cyprus one can find a never-ending circular chain of restaurants whatever your palate and budget and without compromising on quality. Fresh fish and seafood as well as meat dishes are the specialties. Whether you are dining out in North or South Cyprus, catering services are of reasonable value and the fully trained English speaking staff will make your visit the experience to remember. The price of eating out in Cyprus ranges according to location and the type of food served. If you do not feel like eating out, you can simply make a phone call to take-away restaurants, scattered across Cyprus, and have the food delivered to your home.

Fast Food

There are numerous fast food restaurants in Cyprus, serving a variety of food, ranging from kebabs, burgers and chicken dishes to pizza or Chinese food. In comparison to the southern part, Northern Cyprus is not so commercially touched by fast food restaurants. However, these types of restaurants are located sporadically there. Nearly all places deliver, mostly free of charge.


If you have a sweet tooth then you are in the right place. Have a snack in one of the local patisseries and try a variety of sweets and delicacies like kadayif, baklava (which is made of mille feuille pastry, nuts, honey and syrup) or halva (extremely sweet slices of ground sesame seeds and sugar). These are nearly always accompanied with coffee or water.

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