Facts about Cyprus

Area: 9,251 sq km
Capital: Nicosia
Language: Greek, Turkish
Currency: Euro
  Turkish Lira
Population: 784,301
Coastline: 648 sq km

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Cyprus Holidays

Visit Cyprus and discover a glamorous pearl in the eastern Mediterranean, a perfect holiday destination.

Providing you with a rich variety of accommodation and board facilities, the hotels resorts and restaurants scattered over the island will meet all your demands and the services of high quality will make your stay simply enjoyful. Meet the kind people of Cyprus with a warm welcome and hospitality to assist you at your stay.

Soft sandy beaches, sunny hot weather and a sky-blue sea make it all an unforgettable place to spend your holiday. You can choose the sunny beach that suits you best, including the beaches at Ayia Napa, Paralimni, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lefke, Limassol, Larnaka and others.

Use the services of holiday resorts and explore coral bays, eroded cliffs, and dive into limestone underwater caves. The shapes and forms of natural processes make it truly a unique island. Moreover, you can make an adventurous cruise to the surrounding countries and reach the shores of Egypt, Turkey, Syria or Greek islands!

Practice different kinds of sport including sailing, diving, fishing, horse-riding or trekking in the mountains! You can even go skiing in the winter on the Troodos slopes. Rent a car and cross the entire island reaching unspoilt sandy beauty of the very tip of Karpas peninsula or just relax in the health centres having spa packaged treatments. If you want to keep your body fit, there are lots of gyms at your disposal.

You can also taste the traditional food including ‘meze’ as a starter that is served with yoghurt and enjoy different kinds of dishes of chicken, lamb, fish, and variety of salads followed by delicious desserts and wines. Experience the village life of Cyprus and participate in picking and gathering citrus fruit, growing vegetable or producing the wine.

Watching wildlife is also an interesting experience as there are plenty of exotic fauna as well as flora species living on the island. Observe an unusual turtle nesting and hatching on the beach eastwards of Kyrenia, and admire species of mammals like sheep and forest moufflons, reptiles including predominantly lizards and snakes, colorful birds, or lots of insect. Mediterranean vegetation with the pines, scrubs, cedars, oaks, olive trees, and herbaceous plants makes the island a beautiful natural shelter.

Lying on the crossroad right in between European, Asian and African continent, three different cultures are merged in Cyprus. The visitors can make wonderful sightseeing tours to many cities on the island and admire a variety of sites reflecting the traces of different civilizations.

Cyprus makes the island, landscape of which resembles an open-air historical and ethnographic museum. The impressive archaeological sites, historical monuments and museums are the island’s treasures. Explore the remainders left until today and see the majestic landmarks of the island. Admire Greco-Roman theatres carved out of limestone in Pafos, Salamis and Soli or imposing Gothic monuments like Agia Sofia in Nicosia, Agios Nikolaos in Famagusta, or Bellapais Abbey in Kyrenia district. Make a trip to the Besparmak Mountains and reach the significant mountain castles of St Hillarion, Buffavento and Kantara. Visit the Greek Orthodox churches, cathedrals and mosques scattered over the country, among which the majestic Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaca. Observe the massive forts, castles and walls of Nicosia, Paphos, Famagusta, Kyrenia and Limassol built to defend the towns against the Arabic raids and search for the Aphodite’s birthplace, tombs of the kings and mythological mosaics in Paphos. Visit numerous museums in Cyprus, like the Byzantine or Archaeological museum in the capital, Nicosia.

There is so much to see in Cyprus… and you can make it real!

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